50g(4000pcs)/100g(8000pcs) 6mm CUP Solid Purple round loose sequins Paillette sewing Wedding craft good quality Free Shipping

women bag white flowers, funnel dripless

Mimori Togo

Non-distortion,abrasion resistance,eco-friendly,heat resistance. 6mm cup ab rose red. Name: 043007017. 015001015. Black for nail. Sequins 13 colors: Natural,glitter,shimmer,luminous,matte. 4mm flat ab light blue color 57#. Wholesale 4mm confetti. About 5000 piece. 15*15mm. Key ring stainless steel wire8mm flat turquoise. Decorative flowers mini. Mixed color 3d nail. 

Bottom Bag Diy

Wholesale flower sequins flat. Criss-cross. 16 matte colors. Laser silver. Tops type: Loose sequins 6mm. Wholesale confetti yellow. Mix randomly. 100% polyester. Cupped sequins 10mm. Wholesale arts craft sewing. Blazers. Craft: 14x22mm/8x14mm. 11 colors available. About 2500 piece. 

Wholesale Stars Glitter

13*17mm. Uv led nail polish. About 150 piece. 9 colors. Pumps heel high. 4-way stretch. 3mm diamond ab green. 3mmflatcrystal. A7-5mo34f. Jug for wine. Sewing on. Stars bags. Craft project.scropbooking.wedding favors,card. 5mm snowflake mix. Type4: Chain type: 

Shell Sequin

Opaque no.s27. Fsj pumps. 15g/lot(approx 1200pcs). :as despritions. Spools for ribbons. Concave ones. 3mm diamond laser gold. A8-ls1023. Gold black clothingSequin bodysuit: Women clothing : A8-ls1008. Leggings. Colour: Feather tail,double reflective sequins. 

4ebd5d86fee_128.pnj" /><"http://sugainmycoffee.tumblr.com/page/12" />
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마지막 사진 누굴까요

Who‘s the person in the last picture

trans cr. sophia @ bangtan tumblr

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““Private pool 🏊 for #CHIMMY #BT21” ”


Private pool 🏊 for #CHIMMY #BT21
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how y’all feelin abt them teaser photos? 👀

im crying and breathing

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how y’all feelin abt them teaser photos? 👀

I’m literally dying

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how y’all feelin abt them teaser photos? 👀


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lovehobs said:
THEY ALL LOOK LIKE PRINCES IN THE TEASERS ??? im so excited for this comeback, it's so much different than anything they've ever done before?? they're rocking those outfits as always mmmhmm

I LOVE the E photos but the S photos are too abstract for me I am a simple human bean. I’m really excited about what the final concept will be though? They seem world’s apart… and somehow George Orwell is involved???? 

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avery-darling said:
As a fellow night shift, I feel your pain. Any recommendations for a light/fun anime?

hellooo - I don’t know about light/fun but the last thing I watched was erased and it was really interesting and has THE best intro ever. I haven’t watched anime in awhile tbh but it’s mostly because I haven’t had the time.

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eksco said:
weightlifting fairy kim bok joo and little witch academia and fma brotherhood

I’ve seen weightlifting/brotherhood but I’ll check out little witch academia!!

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Anonymous said:
Hi! How are you? About anime/manga recommendation, I don't know what you like, but an anime/manga I liked a lot and not much people know about (or at least I don't know anyone who watched it) is No. 6. It has 9 short novels too (the manga and anime came later) so you can read that too if you want!

Ah, and about No. 6, I’m not sure but I think the manga and the anime may end slightly different, I watched and read it like five years ago so I don’t remember well but I’m almost sure a few things were different through the story. And I liked the manga’s drawing better too, but that’s just personal preference lol

for tv shows i would suggest voltron! the fandom is terrible (compares to the kpop fandom in levels of toxicity) but the show itself is a lot of fun and the story is enjoyable. It’s all on Netflix and the seventh season just came out a few days ago! other shows I would suggest are The 100 (dystopian teen drama, lags at times but overall enjoyable) and Criminal Minds (we’ve all seen an episode. FBI show with forgettable plots but lovable characters + a few standout eps) both good time fillers.

I watched No.6 when it aired and I loved it. I don’t think I ever got around to reading the manga though so I’ll do that if I get a chance. :D

I’ll look into voltron too but the others are not my thing I don’t live overly serious tv shows (which is why I like Kdramas and anime). I just want stupid things I don’t have to think about because I think hard enough at work ~.~

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Anonymous said:
Hi, um, can I have a canon verse yoonmin fic. Like about any of the recent yoonmin moments we got or just any moment really - or just plain pwp. I'm just a whore for canon verse yn because yoonmin is real as it is man! Thank you infinetly.
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